Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Tune in tonight."

Here is another photo of Thomas Dolby visiting SPACE PIRATE RADIO in 1984.  As T-shirts are de rigueur on these pages, I am wearing the SPR 10th Anniversary edition of the Ruski Revolution Hammer & Tone Arm model.  Dolby was in Santa Barbara for a concert at the Arlington Theatre and we had a marvelous time on the air.  His innovative music, as well as working with SPACE PIRATE RADIO faves such as Lene Lovich, Akiko Yanno and Ryuichi Sakamoto, made for the basis of a lively interview.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Four Sided Triangle."

An Index of Meddles part four.

January 2014

151)  "Pinch."  Can song title from "Ege Bamyasi," 1972.

152)  "...hidden around the house somewhere..."  Ray Milland explaining to Ruth Hussey the ghostly sounds of crying.  THE UNINVITED, 1944.

153)  "...acting as an aerial, picking up the sounds..."  Ray Milland's explanation continued.  THE UNINVITED, 1944.

February 2014

154)  "Old wild men..."  Lyric and title from 10CC.  "Sheet Music" LP, 1974.

155)  An Index of Meddles.  Guden title.  A pun on Fripp & Eno's "An Index of Metals" from "Evening Star," 1975.

March  2014

156)  "Fifty-fifty Clown."  Song title from Cocteau Twins LP "Heaven Or Las Vegas," 1990.

157)  "Deutsch Nepal."  Song title from Amon Duul II, "Wolf City," 1972 and offshoot Utopia, 1973.

April 2014

158)  "You could use a long, long, long holiday."  Lyric from "Long Holiday" by Telex.  "Sex" LP ("Birds and Bees"), 1981.

159)  "Victim find a victim and hang the hangman."  Lyric from Amon Duul II, "Mozambique."  "Vive La Trance" LP, 1974.

May 2014

160)  "Three of a Perfect Pair."  King Crimson LP and song title, 1984.

161)  A Jester of Good Faith.  Guden title.  Once planned for a collection of writings with the dual title, Gestures.  1980s.

July 2014

162)  "Well here's another clue for you all."  Lyric from The Beatles, "Glass Onion."  1968.

163)  "It's Purrific!"  Guden title.  Pun on the banner line from Orson Welles' CITIZEN KANE, 1941.

164)  "I'm on an island."  Lyric and title from the Kinks.  "The Kink Kontroversy" LP, 1965.

August  2014

165)  "Atom Heart Mother."  Pink Floyd LP and song title.  1970.

166)  "Are you receiving me."  Golden Earring lyric and song title.  "Moontan" LP, 1973.

September 2014

167)  "These are the kind of nights when the sea plays tricks on you."  Line from Stan Freberg's "Wun'erful. Wun'erful."  "Stan Freberg and the Original Cast" LP, 1957.

168)  Hermits & Virgins.  Guden title.

169)  The Three Sides Of The Coin (The Triple Entendre).  Guden title.

October 2014

170)  "I See Red."  Title and lyric, Clannad.  "Magical Ring" LP, 1983.

171)  "Kimono My House."  Sparks LP title, 1974.

172)  "Tong Poo."  Song title from Yellow Magic Orchestra.  First LP, 1978.

November 2014

173)  "A Penny for the Guy."  Guy Fawkes Day expression, usually an appeal for money from children to buy fireworks.  Similar to "Trick or Treat." A reverse amalgam or anarchistic mutation of Halloween, May Day & the Fourth of July.  As if kids in the U.S. would celebrate November 22nd by shouting "A Nickel for the Oswald."
174)  "No use of the mind God gave you."  Eros (Dudley Manlove) bitch slaps stupid American Earthlings in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, 1959.

175)  "I may not know what I like, but I know art."  A Guden Reverse Cliché.

176)  "I lost my faith.  I prayed for it to return."  Peter Cushing in THE GHOUL, 1975.
December 2014

177)  egg y nudu.  "Hammett Cheese Omelette."  Guden title pun.

178)  "The path you tread is narrow."  Pink Floyd lyric, "Cymbaline," 1969.

179)  "La Voce Della Luna."  Federico Fellini film title ("The Voice of the Moon"), 1990.

180)  egg y nudu.  "Shakti Monkey."  Guden title pun.
January 2015

181)  "Wolf City."  Amon Duul II LP and song title, 1972.
182)  egg y nudu.  "Eggstatic Interference."  Guden title pun.
183)  "Welcome home, Mr. Kane."  Line from CITIZEN KANE, 1941.  Also title of musical piece by Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana.
February 2015
184)  egg y nudu.  "The Linda Blair Witch Project."  Guden title pun.

185)  "Poor Cow."  1967 film debut of director Ken Loach, with Terence Stamp, Carol White, Malcolm McDowell and music by Donovan.
March 2015
186)  egg y nudu.  "Foxtrotsky."  Guden title pun.
187)  "I'm taking the time for a number of things..."  Lyric from the Beatles "Fixing a Hole."  1967.

April 2015

188)  "There was a hush in the Passion Play."  Lyric from Jethro Tull, "A Passion Play."  1973.

189)  "They stare at the Zeppelin-Square."  Lyric from Amon Duul II, "Metropolis."  "Made in Germany" LP, 1975.
190)  After the Vox.  Guden title pun.
May 2015
191)  "Pop Muzik"  Lyric, song and LP title from M (Robin Scott).  1979.

192)  I Killed Vaudeville.  Guden title.
193)  The Sex Pimples.  Guden title from article published November 1980.
June 2015

194)  "Who is Guy Guden?"  First line of the joke:  "The Five Stages of an Actor's Career."  (Any name will work).

195)  "Get me Guy Guden."  Second line of the joke:  "The Five Stages of an Actor's Career."
196)  "Get me a Guy Guden type."  Third line of the joke:  "The Five Stages of an Actor's Career."

197)  "Get me a young Guy Guden."  Fourth line of the joke:  "The Five Stages of an Actor's Career."

198)  "Who is Guy Guden?" (II) Fifth and final punch line of the joke:  "The Five Stages of an Actor's Career."
199)  "I'm thinking outside of the envelope.  I'm pushing the box."  Guden title.  A Reverse Cliché times two.
200)  "...than Heinz has pickles."  Ancient Expression of the Elders, passed from Father to Son, denoting a large quantity.  A scientific comparison of finite to infinite in a greengrocer's context.
FIN for now.  sorry number eight for June 2015... your time is not quite up.  :)X.