Monday, March 30, 2015

"I'm taking the time for a number of things..."

Musings from the Nursing Home.  Part, the latest:
"He ran out of sand," sang Renate of Amon Duul 2 on "Ludwig" from MADE IN GERMANY.  And like the so called Mad King of Bavaria, the Elder Scrawls his ramblings on his obsessions for the obscure and the arcane.  Living in the Moment.  Even if that moment was 40 years ago, 5 minutes past or 8 days from now.  Gotta keep the Passion alive.
On my Twitter accounts (@guyguden and @greenneonmotel), it's always a pleasure to discover unique and varied individuals whose interests can often astound.  All arts represented, opinions expressed and tastes retweeted.  Such are the stylings of the Conway Twitter.  Sometimes, however, you find Followers who are specific to a certain genre.  And though I am highly respectful to their field of expertise, they sometimes are confused or impatient with the variety of obsessions that fall under my collective cathode.  So the Horror Movie fans may not appreciate the music stuff.  Or the literature scholars may not dig the kitsch.  Or one music group can't understand another.  Jazz versus electronic.  Film noir against Nouvelle Vague.
For me, it's all inclusive.  The spirit of one art form compliments another.  There are threads here (that I assume), without sounding super pompous, only pomposity minor...the open minded fellow traveler can easily connect.
I recently joined my first message board, Prog Archives, after years of avoiding the place.  There was such an abundance of misinformation on the site, I started the Melting Watchtowre to help set the record straight.  When you have a vast amount of information you feel might be interesting, it is hardly productive when some folks are coming to grips with basic definitions of terms.  Labeling everything sometimes just doesn't work.  You have to be intuitive.
Okay, this has begun to be spectral, or as the posters say, "off topic" or you've sabotaged the thread.

The belief I had in my twenties has been validated in my doddering senility: specialization in one field, and one field alone, is the death of spirit.  And the death of the life experience itself.  Better to be a Jack of All Trades, Master of Some, than to be the leading authority in a field that may go bone dry or be outsourced.

Occupation:  One word will not do.  A friend from the past once flattered me by saying I was the "ultimate multi-hyphenate."  I walked away from many an occupation so I could experience another.  A high sense of moral outrage is not good for someone who wants to be in the "industry."  Being an artist or philosopher appeals to me more than ever.  Being in the Biz and doing anything just to stay in show business.  That is bullshit.  
(And I apologize because that might just be offensive to the bulls.  Oh, and bulls... remember, when you see the matador, aim for the groin.  Likewise for those idiots running in front of you down the streets.)

So take it from me (but afterwards, please rinse and clean before you return it), from my iron lung in the hospice near the Cottage Cheese Ritz Carlton HOspiTEL (the place where your parents go to die) life to the full.
Read Gothic Literature, Greek Tragedy, and some Vertigo Comics.

Listen to Camille Saint-Saens, Claude Debussy, Martin Denny, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Can and Cocteau Twins.

Follow that with Basil Kirchin, Henry Mancini and King Crimson.

Tell your Republican friends that you hope for the day of a new Nuremberg Trial with Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld in a glass booth like Maximilian Schell in that movie.

Whatever trilogy of fantasy books your friends are reading, make a comparison to J. G. Ballard.

If someone compliments Taylor Swift, tell them she owes it all to Maria Callas.

When a friend tells you to watch a clip from Jimmy Fallon, mention Jack Paar or Dick Cavett.

Questioned if you watched SNL this weekend, ask if they saw Buster Keaton on TCM.

If Basketball, Baseball is their favourite sport, tell them yours is Female Gymnastics 'cause you love young women in unnatural positions and also Falconry 'cause they go for the eyes. in conclusion, do your own thing.  Do many things.  Search more than one road.  Acquire more than one taste.  There is an alchemy to Life.  Don't base it solely on Gold.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

egg y nudu. "Foxtrotsky."

"I've heard you have Russian ancestry."


"Tsarist or Bolshevik?"

"Proletariat, of course.  Why do you ask?"

"You look White Russian."