Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Deutsch Nepal."

Walter Winchell, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons and Herb Caen.  So who is the Fifth Columnist?

Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Breakfast:  Luftwaffles.

Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Restaurant:  The Night of Long Knives and Forks.

Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Gasoline:  Es Esso.

Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Musical Group:  The Guess Who Stoppo ("She's come unDunkirk").

Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Author:  Edgar Allan Gestapo.

Adolph Hitler's New Cold Sore Medicine:  Mein Kampf O-Phenique.

Desert Fox News now available on CD Rommel.

DJ Len Deighton's Playlist:  Emerson, Lake and Harry Palmer.

DJ John Le Carre's Playlist:  Tinker, James Taylor, Soldier, Spy.

DJ John Le Carre's Playlist:  The Taylor Dayne of Panama.

Painful medical condition, having a Heil Hatel Hernia.  Causes Axis Reflux.

Richard Boone's son and Orson Welles' daughter have a son.  A director named Luis Boone-Welles.

Benito und Jerzey's Cold War Ice Cream.  Served exclusively at Mussolini & Franco's Hollywood restaurant.

Myra Cardial:  Watch out.  She will steal your heart.

An early rumour that JFK's assassin was Bazooka Joe, and ONLY Bazooka Joe.  Thus began the Lone Gumman Theory.

Going to make a movie about finely ground tobacco which is inhaled.  Wonder what I should call it?