Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Poor Cow."

Bollywoodland:  Hummus Films presents "The Curries of Frankenstein."

David Byrne and Robert Smith do a musical based on Sigmund Freud:  The Talking Cure.
Acid Jeopardy:  Muslims make this meal in five minutes.  "What is Minaret Rice?"
Fashion For The Future:  Robotony 500.
Acid Jeopardy:  Catholic Inquisitors use this dressing for wounds.  "What is Miracle Whip?"
Sci-Fi Game Shows:  "What's My Heinlein?"
When I get cranky in a Japanese restaurant, I often throw a tempura tantrum.
Favourite Pasta on Middle Earth:  Fettuccini Al Frodo.
A festive holiday drink that will keep you loyal:  eggmonogamy.
Weather Report Romance:  Coastal Eddy meeting Offshore Flo.
Barbarella in Star Wars:  Matmos Eisley.
As an impressionist, Claude Monet could do a pitch perfect Charles Boyer.

If Gene Pitney had only sung with the Electric Prunes.
Burt Lancaster and Sidney Poitier:  "Apache Blue."

Ingmar Bergman in New Jersey:  "The Virgin Springsteen."
Hermann Hesse's Unpublished Existential Minstrel Show:  Stepinfetchitwolf.
Having collected so many Chinese artifacts, I have become jaded.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

egg y nudu. "The Linda Blair Witch Project."

"I have voices in my head."


"They tell me to commit unspeakable acts."

"We will have to call in Max von Sydow."


"It looks like you're Deviled."