Friday, February 21, 2014

An Index of Meddles.

There have been over 150 posts on The Melting Watchtowre since December 2009.  It was always my intention from the first one on, to title them using either a line of dialogue from a film, play, television show, radio program, song lyric, work of fiction or title from any of these sources.  They are all in quotes.  Reprinted works of satire are listed under their original titles and have no quotes.  An original title for the entry, like the one above, also has no quotes.  Having been asked the source for various entries, I thought I would undertake a basic list, starting with the first.  Early on, I considered turning this into a contest, but have come to some, if not all, of my senses.  Thank you for reading.  Here is the first third:

December 2009
1)  "I bid you welcome."  Bela Lugosi, DRACULA, 1931.
January 2010
2)  "Everything I've ever told you has been a lie, including that."  Peter Cook, BEDAZZLED, 1967.
3)  Twelve Of The Most Forgotten Films.  Guy Guden comedy article from 1980.
4)  "That's wrong isn't it?  Surely that's wrong."  Victor Spinetti, A HARD DAY'S NGHT, 1964.
5)  "You might say it's quiet enough for a drum solo."  SECRET AGENT TV series episode, "The Not So Jolly Roger."
6)  "Quiet enough for a drum solo?"  SECRET AGENT TV series episode, "The Not So Jolly Roger."
February 2010

7)  "Gordon, can this music be turned off?"  Peter Reigert to Denis Lawson, LOCAL HERO, 1983.
8)  "Whenever I hear the word 'culture,' I bring out my checkbook."  Jack Palance to Fritz Lang, CONTEMPT, 1963.
9)  "Get thee to a nunnery."  HAMLET.
10)  "O, I am fortune's fool!"  ROMEO & JULIET
11)  "Green is the colour..."  Song and lyric, Pink Floyd.
12)  "But I won't go into exile, see?"  David Warner, MORGAN!, 1966
13)  "Oh, but that's all superstition."  Dwight Frye, DRACULA, 1931.
March 2010
14)  "What's the recipe today, Jim?  Spike Milligan, THE GOON SHOW.
15)  "If you must go, wear this for your mother's sake."  Woman to Dwight Frye, DRACULA, 1931.
16)  "I am I, Don Peyote.  The Man of La Munchies."  Guy Guden script for NOTHING IS SACRED, 1973.
17)  Cable TV Guide.  Guy Guden comedy article from 1984.
18)  "There was a young lady from Exeter."  Peter Sellers, THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, 1969.
19)  "I don't like reggae... I love it."  10cc lyric, DREADLOCK HOLIDAY.
April 2010
20)  "It would be so nice..."  Pink Floyd song and lyric, written by Rick Wright.
21)  "I think it would be fun to run a newspaper."  George Colouris in CITIZEN KANE, 1941.
22)  Music in Mayaland.  Guy Guden comedy article from 1983.
May 2010
23)  "I like thighs.  Do you like thighs?"  Peter Sellers to Peter O'Toole in WHAT'S NEW, PUSSYCAT?  1965.
24)  "Don't Margo worry."  Flubbed line by Orson Welles on live radio, THE SHADOW, 1937.
25)  "Small minds run in the same gutter"  Quote from MAD Magazine, late 1950s.
26)  Shakespeare's Lost Works.  Guy Guden comedy article from 1980.
27)  "The important thing is to pull yourself up by your own hair..."  Peter Weiss, MARAT/SADE, 1963.
June 2010
28)  On Turning 31.  Guy Guden article from 1981.
29)  "Copy boy!"  Frank Lovejoy from radio's NIGHT BEAT, 1952.
30)  "You're way above our heads."  Spoken to Eros in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, 1959.
July 2010
31)  Food and Drink, Without the Food.  Guy Guden article from 1981.
32)  "If I had all the money I spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink."  Vivian Stanshall, SIR HENRY AT RAWLINSON END, 1978.
33)  "It's only a movie."  Family, album and song, 1973.
August 2010
34)  "For one who has not lived even a single are a wise man, Van Helsing."  Bela Lugosi to Edward Van Sloan, DRACULA, 1931.
35)  An American Zany in Europe.  Guy Guden article from 1983.
36)  "I thought you were supposed to be in Paris."  David Hemmings to Veruschka, BLOW UP, 1966.
37)  Vive La Fiasco!  Guy Guden article from 1980.
38)  "Listen to them.  Children of the night.  What music they make."  Bela Lugosi to Dwight Frye, DRACULA, 1931.
39)  "By gad, sir, you are a character."  Sydney Greenstreet to Humphrey Bogart, THE MALTESE FALCON, 1941.
40)  "I need a bohemian atmosphere."  James Fox to Mick Jagger, PERFORMANCE, 1970.
41)  Santa Barbara Surrealism.  Guy Guden article from 1981.
September 2010
42)  "Virgin On The Ridiculous"  Caravan song title.
43)  "I was classed as a madman, a charlatan..."  Bela Lugosi speech from BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, 1955
44)  "..Outlawed in a world of science which previously honored me as a genius..."  Bela Lugosi speech continued.
45)  "...Now here in this forsaken jungle Hell, I have proven that I am all right!"  Bela Lugosi speech concluded.
46)  A Study in Slightly Beige: or, the case of the Japanese doormen.  Guy Guden article from 1981.

October 2010
47)  "Pygmy!"  Basil Rathbone to Nigel Bruce, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SPIDER WOMAN, 1944.
48)  "Here we are starving to death, and all you can think of is food."  Peter Sellers to Spike Milligan, THE GOON SHOW.
49)  "Please don't squeeze the Shaman."  Guy Guden as Karma Denominator, SPACE PIRATE RADIO, 1970s
50)  "We can dance if we want to."  Lyric from "The Safety Dance."  Men Without Hats, 1983.
2/3rds to go........

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Old wild men..."

"...waiting for miracles."
Speaking on the Sputnik.  Talking on the Telstar.  Chatting on the Coffee Can & String.
On the phone with my dear artist friend, David Fontana.  He and I have been winding up the Year of the Snake and beginning the Year of the Horse, like Mirror Images.
We both have been seeing off the passing of our final parent.  He, his Father.  Me, my Mother.  And like the brilliant art of his Space Pirate Radio G3 of Pyramids, we two figures have been spinning the same record.  A Turn of the Cards indeed.  Phasing.  And hopefully, it's just a phase we're going through.  Left Coast.  Right Coast.  Each going through our respective parents' belongings, memories and affairs.  Dealing with family.  Siblings.  2 Brothers, he.  1 Sister, me.
Mirrors.  Reflective.  Synchronistic, yet the Reverse.  Feels like a piece of fiction.
I hope all people can have conversations with friends of over forty years, where the mood and text of the talks seems like you just met someone who shares a fondness for your most obscure tastes.  Yet in a parallel world, both persons have a shared history.  A history and a mystery.  Many mysteries.  So each person is always surprising the other with nuggets of nostalgia and discoveries du discos.  New ARTeries.
Yours truly is lucky to have a small circle of such comrades.  My best male friends are often named David.  Mr. Fontana, like myself, is blessed with the companionship of a long term best friend, also called in certain circles, a wife.  We are two pods in a pea.  Yes, folks.  It is like a piece of fiction.
"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."  I think that was an insurance ad jingle.  Owlstate.   "You're in Good Barns."  "Who gives a Hoot?"  Progresso, I've.  "You're covered...IN SOUP!"  ********  Sorry.  Lost my mind there.
Oh, yeah.  My friend David Fontana.  Brilliant artist.  Check out his blog sites.  They are on my profile page under Blogs I Follow.  They're all his.  Artist.  Musician.  Magus.  Great Wit.  Lesser mortals sometimes think he's me.  (Poor Meester Fontana.)  Nope, he's an Original.  And in conversation?  It's a Meeting of the Mimes.  Two Rack On Turds.  Excuse-A-Moi!
"Did you lose your mind again, Monsieur?" 
Besides his talents as an artist, of which I have always had great admiration, it is the music that inspires our mutual muses.  David absorbs the variety of foreign sounds and styles that began our friendship and collaborations.  He is my best Italian friend, always bringing me into an environment of Fellini and PFM.  Per Un Amico.  But like my initial obsessions with Space Pirate Radio, he is quick to remind me that it is the German musicians that ignite the flame of inspiration.  David has been kind to say on his blog DJ Scungilli, that it was hearing Ash Ra Tempel and Cosmic Jokers; Amon Duul 2 and Popol Vuh on the air, that fueled his early days at art school.  In later years, he went to Germany to play music with some of the experimentalists I aired.  In England, he hung with the Canterbury musos.  When Daevid Allen sojourned in Santa Barbara, Banana Fontana was ready to be in the next evolution of Gong.  The Pot Head Pixie even used my friend's cool guitar, both musically and photographically, on a single shot I believe.
While talking on the wireless, I mentioned to my friend, that water plays a Greek Chorus in our lives.  The Naughty Cal wordplay abounds.  The Pacific of Santa Barbara in the '70s.  The amon dual bodies of water in Florida.  I can't imagine turning Space Pirate Radio into what it conceptually began without the addition of that seaside, night time view of the Santa Barbara harbour from the Eighth Floor of the Granada Theatre building.  Blobfish sailed in his boat during those wee coastal mornings.  Each of us Captains of our Vessel.  It was magic, folks!
Well, that's what good art, amongst good friends will do to you.  Time to make magick again.
"Lord have mercy upon the many.  Lord have mercy...on me...and...on you."  :)X