Monday, December 22, 2014

egg y nudu. "Shakti Monkey."

"I need to find more time to do my yoga exercises."


"Yeah.  It's hard to sandwich space in my schedule to do all the positions."

"Well, you might like to 'sandwich' in one position."

"Not 'egg,' I hope (heh-heh)."

"No, that would be obvious.  I suggest you try the 'bacon, lotus and tomato.'"

Monday, December 15, 2014

"La Voce Della Luna."

Voices in your head, Part One.

Somewhere during the course of SPACE PIRATE RADIO, I started to accumulate voices that weren't my own and were not on record or tape.  Of course, this was a natural (or possibly unnatural) evolution out of sound collages that weren't song based vocals.  When the show went truly freeform in Summer '74, voices came from everywhere.  A lot of it started from the television set, hanging in the production studio, used mainly to simulcast the Friday Night Rock Concert on ABC with the stereo tape broadcast to audiophiles.  I found that late Sunday night, very early Monday morning, under the inspiration of German white wine and things, late night movies on Channels 13, 11, possibly 9, 7, 5 and 2, recorded with echo and dial switched quickly, could add a different layer of audio experience to the lengthy music being I recorded and experimented.
The commercials were hilarious too.  The real ones, I mean.  The cheap ones on Channel 13 with the same two announcers: one male; the other female.  Alternating on where to get your muffler tuned in Alhambra or your hair permed in El Monte.
TV wasn't the only source of strangely inserted voices.  The PSAs or Public Service Announcements sent to the station offered High Surrealism.  What To Do In The Event Of A Nuclear Emergency was always great to drop in just before the bomb goes off in CAN's Tago Mago.  Or Jack Van Impe's Christian Crusade and Salvation Army Radio Dramas could be cut and randomly inserted into Klaus Schulze, like something out of Gysin/Burroughs with Extra Spaciness and Triple Entendres.
The roaming tape recorder in search of found sounds soon followed.  When I left KTYD and joined the News Team at KTMS, I had a lovely tape recorder used for interviews.  It fit nicely in my sports coat pocket and only the top line Sony Mic was visible.  Environments happened, especially at functions like movie premieres, art gallery openings, parties and even car parks.  Stuff could find its way into the mix.
But this leads into the collection of voices recorded as guests of SPACE PIRATE RADIO, in interview, happenstance and/or general whimsy.
General Whimsy?  Didn't he command Major Disturbance, Corporal Punishment and Private Affair? 
It's in the Files.  Unclassified.