Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Are You Receiving Me."

What ever happened to Swedish film star Elke Seltzer?  Did she just fizzle out?

Omtrak is a train of thought.
My yoga mat is made with unbleached flour.
New Rave Drug Among the Elderly:  Coca Beano.  It's a Gas!  And then it's not.
New Rave Drug Among the Elderly:  Alpha Beta Meta Mucil.  High sense of euphoria and fiber content.  Causes irregular regularity.
The Andy Griffith Show on Rave Drugs:  Featuring Aunt E Bee Za.

Prague's major nighttime cold relief medicine:  Coughka.

Stephen King writing new show for Nickelodeon:  "iCarrie."
Bought bread from the new Hunter S. Thompson bakery:  Fear and Loafing.
Wanted to start up rival network Tweezer, but then felt, "Oh, pluck it!"

Bruce Springsteen joins King Crimson:  "Larks' Tongues in Asbury Park IV."
Among my professional skills and resume:  Span structure arsonist.

"Du machts meine loins gertingle!"  Marlene Cheesebreath to Erich von Stroganoff in Josef von Stringbien's early classic film "Der Tot Bag" (1929).
Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Game Show:  "What's My Fraulein?"

Heinrich Himmler's Favourite Trousers:  Swastikhakis.

Discarded Sequels:  "The Four Penny Opera" with Mack the Fork.
I will not validate your parking.