Monday, November 18, 2013

"Turn of the Cards."

As we wind into the season, and Tag der Danksagung here again, well what better after dinner pleasure than a hand of cards?  And no better Naval Gazing, than an All Hands on Deck of Cards, Tarot style.  Officer in charge: Major Arcana.  Your Captain speaking:  "Let's Make a Deal!"
It's no secret that Tarot imagery played a large part in my creative universe.  This quicksilver messenger, he of the mercurial temperament, leader of the ninth guard, was quick to use The Hermit card as my logo for the production company behind Space Pirate Radio, that of Graven Images.  
And as mentioned in a previous entry on my nun obsession, the gender preferences put a wolf in sheep's clothing, thus voila...!
So in a spirit of thanks, I wish to share with you the two images of my ultimate playing card: The G3 of Pyramids!
Inspired in a Fever Dream in the '70s by yours truly and executed in the delirium shared by my great artist friend David Fontana...
The original below, with photo incorporated, is shown in all its black and white glory.  Mid seventies.

And it gives me the greatest of pleasure, to present above, Signore Fontana's 2013 interpretation of this card.  Il Maestro's incredible artistic vision, created, he tells me, to the soundtrack of Space Pirate Radio.

Grazie, il mio caro amico.
Or as Kevin Ayers would say, "Thank you...Very...Much!"