Monday, October 28, 2013

"Soon Over Babaluma."

Movies for the Elderly: Bladder Runner.

Movies for the Elderly: The Social Security Network.

I heard that director Michelangelo Antonioni's son is a professional wrestler named Jesse L' Avventura.

Antonioni and Cruise: Zabriskie Business.

TV for the Elderly: Rowan and Martin's Shut-In.

TV for the Elderly: Burke's Lawn.

TV for the Elderly: Walker, Texas Ranger's Walker.

Unsold pilot for Elderly version of The Walking Dead: AARPer's Bizarre.

Whenever in a clinic, I get depressed.  Is there a term for this?

Saw my doctor this week and he said I was very sick.  I said I wanted a second opinion.  He told me he didn't like how I cut my hair.

Watching "The Bekins Story."  Very moving.

"If you believe...they stuck a man up Keith Moon.  Man up Keith Moon."  Original Michael Stipe lyric before sobriety set in.

Anyone else remember early sixties actor Cliff Brink?  Every performance was edgy.

How about forties actor George Stucco?  He covered everything.  Solid, too.

Lenny Bruise: Now there was a true Beat comic.

Bombay's most popular children's show: Mister Rajah's Neighbourhood.

Classic Hindu science fiction film: "Invasion of the Bodhi Snatchers" (1956).  Reincarnated several times.