Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Grand is the name, and, uh - money is the game. Would you care to play?"

A character trait, or flaw, of my Virgo Sun personality is the tendency to over explain things.  I'd like to work on this.  So, my first step is to...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"That's enough!"

Aromapathy:  It smells and I don't care.

Overheard spoken by plumbers working in a Southern church:  "Bring me the john at the head of the Baptist."

Star Wars meets The Sound of Music:  "It's a Trapp!"

Star Wars Episode 1968 with Sirhan Sirhan Solo.

"We'll always have La Puente."  CUT!...  (Outtake)

"Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a Tinker's Fart."  CUT!... (Outtake)

"It's KONG!  The Eighth Wanker of the World!"  CUT!... (Outtake)

"All you have to do is whiffle.  You know how to whiffle, don't you?  You putter your hips and BLOW!"  CUT!... (Outtake)

"Listen to them!  Chipmunks of the night!  What mucous they make!"  CUT!... (Outtake)

"Mrs. Peel.  We're negroes"  CUT!... (Outtake)

George Orwell's Extra Large Cup Size for Women:  "Long Live Big Brassiere!"

Celebrate Earth Day.  Bury a CEO.
Crapitalism:  (definition)  The pursuit of profit from the sale of needless goods.
Crapitalism... And those who excel at it.  They are called Entremanures.
Hellbertsons.  The Supermarket of the Damned.
HALbertsons.  "I'm sorry, Dave.  This shopping trip is TOO IMPORTANT."

There should be NO MONARCHY IN MUSIC.  There is no King of Rock and Roll, no King of Pop, no Queen of Soul.  We hold no patience for a Prince, will not bow down even to a Duke of Earl.  Liberte.  Egalite.  High-Fidelite.