Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Picnic Boogie"

Wanks For the Memories...The famous massage parlour chain is having a Spring Cleaning Sale on Happy Endings.  Full price for The Mount Vesuvius.  Half off on the Stubby Kaye.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court drives a Torque Mazda.

I used to drive a 1976 Marquis de Sade.  It had On the Rack and Pinion Steering.

Jazz in Religion: John the Be Boptist.

At Ronnie Snott's Acid Jazz Club: Hugh Mingus.  He was HUGE!

Rejected theme song from Lincoln: "I Got You Abe."

New Wave Music for the Elderly: The Truman League (featuring Phil Oakey and his brother Jack).

Hard Rock Music for the Elderly: Gums N' Roses.

Heavy Metal Music for the Elderly: Black Sitbath.

You know in France, those vampire/werewolf movies are called The Toilet Saga. ("twah-let").

New Films That Suck: Bruce Willis as David Hemmings.  "Blow Hard."

At Ronnie Snott's Acid Jazz Club: Saxophone Rohmer with Flute Manchu.  An evening of Limehouse Music.

TGM (Turgid Gastric Movies): "The Last Heterosexual On Earth" (1974).  Vincent Tag, Virginia Drapes, Lyle Flooring.  2nd film adaptation of sci-fi author Richard Mattress story, "Do You Die Here Often?"  Crisp B&W cinematography can't lift this feature's limp portrait of transvestite undead.  Drags mostly.

Five films by Spielberg on Race: The Color Purple, Amistad, Schindler's List, Lincoln and Duel.

Prog Muzik for the Elderly: CAN't.

Prog Muzik for the Elderly: Amon Drool 2.

Time (Way) Out Restaurant Guide suggests an Order from the Golden Dawn.  Chef Aleister Barley is a Master of the Take Away.