Monday, December 28, 2009

"I bid you welcome"

Hello kats and kittens. Welcome to The Melting Watchtowre. I am so excited to be using the new cathode steam tube form of communication! The modern miracle of science! Please bear with me as I fumble along with this, the official page of yours truly, Guy Guden, and my wireless radio show of yesteryear, Space Pirate Radio. It is my hope to ramble on in certain detail the facts regarding my creative obsessions, which, gratefully, some people have found of interest.

"To me it was fun; to others, it was a religion. To me it was a religion; to others, it was heresy." -- Saint Guido, the Prawn. I look forward to the new year, I see that January 27, 2010 would be the 36th anniversary of my show, Space Pirate Radio. I thought it might be fun to share from my archives the history and hysteria that evolved out of that program, as well as the many misadventures that my life has been fortunate enough to encounter. So I say thank you for being here. Or as Orson Welles used to say, "I remain, as always, your obedient servant."