Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Elevator in the brain hotel."

Well, here we are in the Year of the Monkey.  An auspicious year that has caught my attention as the 100th Anniversary of Dada Surrealism, begun in Zurich with the original Cabaret Voltaire.  How cool!  How beat!  How eccentric.  Belle Eccentrique!
I love Surrealism, in all its forms and mutations.  Some forms more than others.  I considered MAD MAGAZINE an evolved Dada manifesto.  And the visuals of Ernie Kovacs could be Dali or Miro or Duchamp with a silent laugh track.  Spike Milligan and THE GOON SHOW was definitely audio surrealism.  A friend of Beckett, one can see a Music Hall sabotage of the Fourth Wall and a direct link to Pirandello meets Panto.  The Beatles were surrealists when they took over the school class.  And many of their musical classmates followed.  Like Sunday Night at the Palladium meets IF....  When Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band guested on SPACE PIRATE RADIO, he said his biggest influence was Alfred Jarry, a forerunner of the Dadaists, who died almost a decade before the Zurich Happening.
Music, satire and art.  The trinity of elements so often found in the surrealist's bag of tricks.  Beatles, yes.  Also Beyond the Fringe, melting down into Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, the Bonzo Dog Band--especially Vivian Stanshall and Roger Ruskin Spear.  A parade of British eccentrics.  In the U.S. post-MAD, Kovacs and Stan Freberg, Ken Nordine and The Firesign Theatre.
So where do these lunatics congregate?  If the Salons have Shuttered and the Communes and Collectives have Closed?

Why, the Only TRUE Surrealist Motel, of course...The GREEN NEON MOTEL!

"Accommodation for SPACE PIRATE RADIO is furnished by the Green Neon Motel.  The Green Neon Motel , the only TRUE SURREALIST MOTEL, located in the heart or rather, bladder of the San Industrial Valley.  As owner-manager-front desk man Grungie Steinberg says, 'Stop on in and try a cup of our complimentary Anxiety Coffee.  The Green Neon Motel.  1949 Linoleum Avenue, in the City of Appliances, California.' "
Like Lawrence Welk broadcasting from the Aragon Ballroom, the Green Neon Motel appeared on SPACE PIRATE RADIO regularly from the mid-'70s to June 2002.  Basic information regarding this feature has been printed here in "Green is the colour..." and "What's the Recipe today, Jim?" entries.  And the latest news can be found on its Twitter account @greenneonmotel.  For now, we can only scratch the surface of events of the absurd that have taken place within and without these hallowed halls.  As the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich or other salons of the surrealistic in Europe and the New World,  the Green Neon Motel was more often than not, a Happening!

And what makes a motel, the ONLY TRUE Surrealist motel, and not, say a MOTEL 6 on bad Mexican fast food and prescription medicine?  Well, an infinite number of things.  First, a Front Desk Man who appears to rarely leave the lobby, often on the phone, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE playing on the behind the counter screen, seemingly in a Godardian loop (longtime listeners of the show may also remember a clip from LOLITA playing often in the background).  The knocking at the lobby front door, announcing the arrival of some new guest, if not the more familiar interruptions of semi-permanent resident, Chef Bruno Languini.

Ah, the Chef!  We could fill pages on his exciting life, just even the events heard on the program.  His experiments in culinary wizardry alone, make him the gastronomical equivalent of Dali; if Wolfgang Puck was Marcel Duchamp; if Anthony Bourdain was Tristan Tzara; if Jacques Pepin was Man Ray.  Who else can dress up on Halloween disguised as a Tomato and Cheese Omelette AND be a master of the Opera, ready to deliver an aria from Puccini Chin Chin's masterwork La Testicalla (famous for "The Broom Sequence").  Besides being the acknowledged creator of his famous Fettucine Alfredo (delicious egg noodles in sauce served with the undergarments belonging to Alfredo), he is also the star of the cult classic film MAYBE, BRUNO.  ("But your film was a BOMB."  "DON'T SAY that my film was a bomb!!!")  The Chef's presence at the Green Neon Motel validates its reputation as THE place to get away and have a life threatening emergency, second only to the Chateau Marmont.

Yes, the Green Neon Motel.  Its multitude of unit entrances, reminiscent of that doorway scene in YELLOW SUBMARINE.  Zen Mystics have favoured the location for decades.  Originally because it was a member of the Best Eastern Motels; others because the sienna coloured bath water reminds them of the Sacred Ganges.