Thursday, August 18, 2016

"It'll put hair on your chest."

My mood swings are definitely barometric.  Energy levels and enthusiasm, if posted on a yearly graph, would look like my utilities bills:  A rise starts at the end of January, SPACE PIRATE RADIO anniversary time; climbs higher through March and April; peaks by May Day and slides to crash and burn mode by July and August.  There is a hyper bliss in the Spring, a feeling that all things are possible.  As I get older and older, this vanishes with the Summer humidity and is replaced with a sticky discomfort and a cloak of fear and loathing.

I escape into the tropics.  Heading East via the West.

Previous blog entries around this time bear out the pattern.  Whole months disappear.  HAWAIIAN EYE becomes required viewing.  Sax Rohmer and FU MANCHU provide escape.  Anna May Wong, Tsai Chin and Lisa Lu (the actress born in 1927) are my companions.  And the soundtrack is Martin Denny.  Or Les Baxter.  Or Gene Raines.  Or Arthur Lyman.  Or Dave Pike. 

I consider the benefits of cool alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas in them.  Or a Tiki by the door.  I find zen in observing the palm trees.  It is an attempt to stop the pain.  The pain of this "modern" world.  And a dreaded lethargy.

So this is a feeble attempt to climb out of the hammock.  I can't guarantee much creative output aside from the "yellow peril" above.  The trade winds still beckon.  I found out about a Martin Denny album from 1966 called HAWAII GOES A GO GO.  Not on CD, I must find a copy, even though I don't own a turntable anymore.  And there still is that elusive HAWAIIAN EYE board game.  Anyone hear of copies, please drop me a line.  Hook or Sinker.