Friday, June 3, 2016

"Knife in the Water."

Pretending to act like a cruel just putting on a faSade.

BING is a good name for a search engine.  An abusive Father who torments his sons and makes them want to kill themselves.

Sappho's home sound system has les Bose speakers.

Friedrich Nietzsche's favourite snack was Uber Munch.

When philosophers buy products advertised on television, it is often from The Home Schopenhauer Network.

The Middle East's Greatest Mystery Writer:  Edgar Allan Apu.  Author of THE FALAFEL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER.

Seeing a good production of WAITING FOR GODOT before I die is on my Beckett list.

When he moved to Syria, Aleppo became the least remembered Marx Brother.
A new Swedish Family Film:  "I AM CURIOUS (GEORGE)."

A Speedball for the Elderly: half a Xanax and two cups of English Breakfast Tea.

E. M. Forster on Psilocybin:  "A Shroom With A View."

"We will, in fact, be greeted as carburetors."  General Motors.  (Most Forgotten Military Moments.)

Living in the Moment.  Even if that moment is 40 years past, 5 minutes ago or 5 years to come...

Gandhi's Email Service: Mahatmail.

Shakespearean Bar-B-Que:  "Aye...There's the Rib."
New Summer Movie about girder construction.  Critics call it "riveting."
The cruelest person in Israel, not known to everyone, is the Marquis de Mossad.