Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Please notice, that our domestic machines are extra modern."

Hello Comrade.  Welcome to my little blogski.  ("Wasn't Blaus Blogski that psychotic Euro trash film star who worked with Director Werner Shirtshog?")  Maybe not.  So what is it with me and these Soviet Images?  "Yes, Senator (long pause ).  I have, (another long pause), been, (shorter pause), a member of, (longest pause yet), the Comma Nist Party."

White Russian?  No.  More a Dirty Grey.  Tsarist?  No.  I've never been Tsar Struck.  Childish, maybe.  A Cereal Bowlshevik.  If the Proletariat never graduate, aren't we really the Amletariat?  Well, these are questions only the Great Thinkers can debate.  As Tolstoy once said, "Tell them, I'm not at home."  And no truer words were spoken.  Well maybe once before.  When Dostoevsky pondered, "Why must they always put starch in these collars?"  Only the Chinese Zen Launderers have the answer to this.  And we're not going there.

But then again, it does come back to shirts.  Observe the ones in the photo.  The one on the Left, always the Left, the original flag bearer for that hotbed of radical thought, SPACE PIRATE RADIO.  Those subversive broadcasts, attempting to block the signals of RADIO FREE AMERICA.  The sounds of anarchy.  CAN rather than the Mike Curb Congregation.  AMON DUUL II instead of Barry Sadler.  Disgraceful.  A blow to the Free Market.  And that shirt came out in the Seventies!  Wearing it in public was a risk to the listener's safety!  Way before Soviet was Chic.  And Safe.  After the Wall came down.  But Walls will be built again.  Mark my words.  Something to look forward to.  Who REALLY likes Mexican food?

And the second shirt?  A commemorative Anniversary for a decade of the Godless Program, tied in with the Corporate Overlord broadcaster.  A poorly shielded attempt to make the Secret Socialist Agenda appear as a playful product.  WE WEREN'T FOOLED.  We have Think Tanks for this.  Even a Chancellor for Hell's Dale College.

But all this has changed, sort of.  The Oligarchs are on both sides now.  It is no longer a difference in ideologies.  It's just good old competition in the Free Market.  Really, it has always been this way.  Business as usual, nothing personal.  Empire is he who controls the commodities and all governments are basically wired this way.  Climate change may cause deadly global warming, but the Cold War will always have the air conditioning on.  Bush One headed the CIA.  Putin headed the KGB.  No difference  We are all brothers under the skin.  "Spook softly, and carry a big stick."

Dig the culture, man!  Mother Russia.  Step-Father Amerika.  We have Stoli.  You have Jack Daniels.  We make trade, yes?  And we share the arts.  The muzik.  We rock out to the sounds of '80s band The Polizei with Stingski.  "Roxanne!  You don't have to call out the Red Brigade!  Roxanne!"  Ah, they don't write tunes like that anymore.

And if we must point out that electronic muzik played on SPACE PIRATE RADIO, should we not mention Comrade Leon Theremin?  The inventor of that really cool antenna sound machine, heard in such films as THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and on those great lounge LPs of the '50s.  Progressive, forward thinking and truly, out of this world.

He also invented bugging devices.  Perhaps with persuasion.  But still.  Tiny little things.  Tiny little things that LOVE to hear what YOU have to say.  That shows real caring:  Someone is listening.

DOS vidaniya.  :)X.