Friday, February 26, 2016

"Newspaper taxis appear on the shore."

I drove everyone around for years, but have nothing to chauffer it.
Vladimir Nabokov's Favourite Jazz Musician:  Mo Lester Young.

A vintage Red Wine that is sure to overthrow you:  Chile's 1973 Pinochet Noir.

Met an idiot who thinks Diana Ross is a Caucasian.  Must be a White Supremacist.

Donald Trump is to politics, what Gallagher is to satire.

Oliver North and Carmen Miranda:  The Iran Conga Affair.

If you are attacked by a piano wielding jazz musician, you can charge them with thelonius assault.

Diet Lounge Music now has less baxter.

Lounge musicians have their late night meals at Martin Dennys.

The Irish Jim Morrison Tribute Band stinks:  The O'Doors.

The first Italian billionaire was J. Paul Spaghetti.

Santa Lupe 2012 Penoil Noir.  The 30 Weight Reserve now available.  Coming soon:  Fracka Mesa:  the perfect blend of Fuel & Drink.

The Most Noir City of All:  Hammett, California.

Combining two Robert Altman movies.  Country singers entertain troops in Vietnam:  "M*A*S*Hville."

Fusion Hillbilly Music:  The Ma and Pa Vishnu Kettle Orchestra.

Ill-advised Jazz and Country Crossover:  Ornette Coal Miner's Daughter.

An American Phobia to Middle Eastern Food is sometimes referred to as the Northern Hummus Fear.