Saturday, January 9, 2016

"This line of questioning is irrelevant."

In Mexico City, the star of Perry Mason is known as Raymond Burrito.
Perry Mason's mouthwash was known as having an Earle Stanley Gargler.
My new legal firm:  Huxley, Ballard & Dick.
Have you been injured in an Out Of The Body Experience?  Contact the law firm of Pynchon, Pamuk & Perez-Reverte.
Tim Burton homage to Michelangelo Antonioni:  "Pee-wee's Big L'Avventura."
Tim Burton homage to Stanley Kubrick:  "Big Eyes Wide Shut."
Music Out of Fashion:  Roy Harper's Bizarre.
John Standing but Norman Fell.
Emily Post but Norman Mailer.
The Rolling Stones ode to Romantic Poets:  "Gimme Shelley."
Libra will work for scale.
How Jean Michel Jarre stays so young looking:  Botoxygene.
Chopin gargles with Lizstorine.
Movie Classics for the 1%:  "To Have and Have More."
"The Cures of Frankenstein."  A simple typo can change character sympathy.
"Mannix" could get very depressing.
One of my cats is called Raymond Purr.