Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"You have booped your last boop."

Classical Greek Funk:  Oedipus and Bootsy Collins.
Favourite T-shirt Company of the Ancient Greeks:  You Ripped It Tees.
"And the Mykonos shall inherit the earth."
Gumby's Gothic Horror with Edgar Allan Pokey.
My Mythical Kingdom Ruled by Women is called Hernia.

I knew a woman who only collected Psychology Today magazine.  She had issues.
Monkahunkatrunkaphobia:  Fear of being in a confined space with a jazz playing body builder.

Rectalpectoralphobia:  Fear of having someone's chest muscles on your buttocks.

Being sleep deprived for so long, I admitted I was a member of Al-Jolson.

Tiffany & Co have now been labeled a Tiara-ist organization.

Leader of PLOTP (The People's Liberation Organization & Tupperware Party), Abdul A-Dir A-Fi Maal Dir ("Ray, a drop of golden sun") has been captured.

Bad Crossovers:  Dawn of the Dead Can Dance.

Bad Crossovers:  Leave It To Beaver and Krause.
Western Erotic Fiction:  Fifty Shades of Zane Grey.
Greek-Mexican Tragedy:  Liz Estrada.
I blame the Germans for really bad Mexican music.

The last person you want on the phone trying to sell you the newspaper is Werner Herzog. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Saint Gets A Handicap (1943)

George Sanders returned to the role of Simon Templar in this never finished film entry.  Based on a cocktail napkin, allegedly written by author Leslie Charteris during a weeklong bender at Manhattan's I Can't Cope & Cabana Club, this production was troubled from the start.  Although predating TV's IRONSIDE by over two decades, the idea of the debonair sleuth solving crimes wheelchair bound was unacceptable at the time.  Sanders didn't help matters by later suggesting the character be in an iron lung, thus avoiding to show up on the set.
The production logo shown is the only surviving artifact from the ill-fated production.