Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Jump down, turn around."

Today is my Four Year Anniversary of Being a Vegetarian.  208 weeks.  Followed the wife's example after 18 years of marriage and 23 years being together.  She has more discipline than myself.  Although neither of us are pure Vegan (it's the CHEESE, Man!), she avoids eggs, while I still do mayonnaise.  But I have stopped my beloved tomato and cheese omelets.  Beef was pretty easy to quit.  Chicken was tougher.  And fish possibly the most missed.  Still, like quitting tobacco in 1974, once the decision is made, the resolution is solid.  It's like Morrissey in drag as Angela Lansbury:  "Meat is Murder, She Wrote."
"Won't eat meat, Cat eat meat..."
An early photo of friend of felines.  We have many cats now.  Indoor and outdoor.  All but one have been summoned to the Garden of Saint Francis.  How appropriate.  I may have mentioned earlier, that our bird bath statue of Santos di Frankie seems to be a beacon to the wayward animals.  Besides the cats, one bunny and three exotic birds who have become household members, the back yard is home to families of raccoons, possum, desert turtles, doves and a variety of other winged creatures.  It is all quite Noah like at times.  It certainly beats apartment living.
The most recent cat is an orange sherbet and vanilla boy named Ian.  Named after actors Ian McKellan and possibly Ian Richardson, he could have been called Seven.  The last new tenant is a little girl named Six, her number of addition.  She is girl kitty number 2 in a house of males.  The other lady, the Grand Dame Emma, has been seen here before.  As has Orson.  And the bunny Eco, as well as Oshii, the magnificent Yellow Peril bird.
All creatures great and small, sharing the Watchtowre.  Sadly, no dogs or fish.  I sometimes think I should get a monkey, a horse and a llama.  Then again...
Well, I think I should celebrate 4 years of not enjoying the comedy of Abattoir and Costello.  Perhaps a taste of fiendish Tofu Munchu.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Say the secret word."

Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "Why don't you bring your friend along?  We could have a ménage a' Troughton."
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "(whispers in ear, looking downward)  It's bigger on the inside."
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "Your Leela outfit is giving me a Hartnell."
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "I think Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull should have played the Doctor.  MINSTREL IN THE GALLIFREY."
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "I'm the Brigadier.  Would you like to see my UNIT?"
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "Sorry about that.  K-9 always sniffs that area."
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "Which Companion are you?  It's Jo.  Of course.  I remember the shag." 
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the Master had been played by Alan Bates?"
Pick-up Lines at Doctor Who Convention:  "Can I buy you a drink?  It's a Sonic Screwdriver.  One part Hedgehog.   Three parts Vodka."
Really Bad Crossovers:  The Wicker Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Really Bad Crossovers:  The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Remus.
Bad Crossovers:  The Last Little House on the Left Prairie.
New Wave Fritz Lang Muzik:  Rotwang Chung.
Fritz Lang Muzik:  The Mabuse Brothers.
Fritz Lang Muzik:  Levon and Brigitte Helm.
Fritz  Lang Muzik:  Ministry Ministry of Fear Fear.
"Ask Doctor Caligari"  Conrad's ADD Veidt's column.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

egg y nudu. "Good Neighbour SHAZAM!"

"So you're leaving us to see your doctor?"

"I'm heading south for my annual physical."

"Someone said you were going out of town to get cosmetic surgery."

"Totally absurd."

[One week later...]

"Glad you're back and things went well.  However, a few people still think you went and had body work."

"That's ridiculous."