Monday, October 12, 2015

"Heroes Are Hard to Find."

It amazes me how many people my age (and I'm no Spring Byington, as this reference proves) love Super Hero movies, but fail to have real role model worship.  When I was a child, I loved the Super Heroes.  I read most of them, if I could get any from disapproving Mother.  DC were the favourite, of course.  I think I read anything on that imprint.  Superman, Superboy, Action, Adventure, Justice League of America, and so on.  I enjoyed the sci-fi elements in those comics, but I knew in the REAL WORLD, these cats didn't cut it.  So in my logical, single digit age mind, the school of The Shadow and his copycat Batman made more sense.
I honestly didn't understand why a Batman type didn't exist, getting rid of the Villians, the Evil Doers.  I asked the A-Dults, "Why no Crime Fighters?"  And yes, I understood there were no super powers.  But a Bat Lab was possible.  Lamont Cranston and his imitator Bruce Wayne were fabulously wealthy.  They could always afford this stuff.  The Shadow's Sanctum, the Bat Cave.  How could it fail?
Simple.  Naiveté.  The childlike mind doesn't grasp the subtle concept of Corruption.  The Madness of Power on all levels.  The Rarified Absorption of Greed as Justification for Actions.  Empire as Nations of One.  All acting out as Boss, CEO, General Manager, Consultant. Spy, Soldier, Account Executive, Agent (Insurance, Secret or Provocateur), Member of Congress, Parliament or the American Legion.  Policy makers.  Anyone who takes the law in their own hands and can justify the bending of it.
Quite simply:  There are no heroes. 

Not in the public arena anyway.  If you do hear of any, you won't hear about them for long.  The Good Guys don't wear the white hat.  They get the White Out.
There's really no reason to teach any kind of ethics to schoolchildren for the concept will be obsolete by the time they drop out (or graduate, because the end result is often the same).  Seriously.  I'm not touting Future Shock, because Newt Gingrich was a cheerleader for this, and of course I'm a BIG FAN  for Sir Isaac Newt, but Shock of the New is real on many levels.  No matter what you are taught as gospel in a social sense as the ideal, the reality of this model will change radically in your lifetime.
Only the Best and the Brightest were meant to reach the upper tiers of leadership.  Well, laugh away that outdated concept.  America's policy of Dumb It Down, and then Dumb It Down even more, is truly stunning in its de-evolution process.  Empires of the past would be amazed.  You don't need Wagner when you have Celebrity Apprentice.  Or Nietzsche when you have Duck Dynasty. 
And so we are back to the Ubermensch. 
For the unknown heroes of today, if they exist...there are no S. Capes.