Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"You have booped your last boop."

Classical Greek Funk:  Oedipus and Bootsy Collins.
Favourite T-shirt Company of the Ancient Greeks:  You Ripped It Tees.
"And the Mykonos shall inherit the earth."
Gumby's Gothic Horror with Edgar Allan Pokey.
My Mythical Kingdom Ruled by Women is called Hernia.

I knew a woman who only collected Psychology Today magazine.  She had issues.
Monkahunkatrunkaphobia:  Fear of being in a confined space with a jazz playing body builder.

Rectalpectoralphobia:  Fear of having someone's chest muscles on your buttocks.

Being sleep deprived for so long, I admitted I was a member of Al-Jolson.

Tiffany & Co have now been labeled a Tiara-ist organization.

Leader of PLOTP (The People's Liberation Organization & Tupperware Party), Abdul A-Dir A-Fi Maal Dir ("Ray, a drop of golden sun") has been captured.

Bad Crossovers:  Dawn of the Dead Can Dance.

Bad Crossovers:  Leave It To Beaver and Krause.
Western Erotic Fiction:  Fifty Shades of Zane Grey.
Greek-Mexican Tragedy:  Liz Estrada.
I blame the Germans for really bad Mexican music.

The last person you want on the phone trying to sell you the newspaper is Werner Herzog.