Friday, June 5, 2015

"Who is Guy Guden?" (II)

Graven Images, Part 5.
Normally, I don't identify the recent quoted titles till after I've rounded them up in batches of fifty.  The Indexes of Meddles.  But for those who have never heard the joke, these are The Five Stages of an Actor's Career.  Insert any actor's name into the lines, and you have a Thespian's chuckle, bittersweet as it is only too true.
And so ends momentarily my Beast With the Five Fingers entries, inspired by poster art of which only 3 were theatrical in a limelight sense.  The first and last, of course, are artifacts of my labour of love, the wireless wonder that is this page and was SPACE PIRATE RADIO. 

My heartfelt thanks to those artistes and artisans who helped make my follies berserk, my moulins rude.  And there's more to come.  The Vatican 69 Vaults are opening.  The relics are revealing themselves.  "I Was A Sistine Age Werewolf."  Let's have some fun.