Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Get me a young Guy Guden!"

Graven Images, Part 4.
Stanley Mouse at the Moulin Rouge.
Here is the poster for "Casanova's Lips."  Thanks to the success of "Love Rides The Rails,"  I was invited back to Santa Barbara City College. Not as a failed student, but rather as a mediocre instructor given the task to write and direct my own production.  To bedevil the classmates unfortunate enough to act in it and the technicians assigned to build it.  *giggles*
The poster art is designed by my good friend, David Fontana.  The photograph is by his brother Paul Fontana.  The Freddie Mercury Player portraying the notorious Casanova is, ahem!...your most obedient servant.  The art is sumptuous.  Belle Epoch ah Lips!  The posters were printed on three colour stocks of fine paper.  A light yellow lemon chiffon.  A Dutch naval orange.  And a darker tangerine dream.  I have chosen the door hinge for display here.  David also did the programs and a wonderful bit of graffiti by a young Pablo Picasso on a tiny portion of the gallery wall of the Louvre set onstage.  It is one of the sad bits of my life that I do not have a photo of that piece of Left Banksy.  We did have a temps tres bon bon, however.  It was for us, how you Americains say...a French Tickler.