Friday, April 3, 2015

"There was a hush in the Passion Play."

"Don't crucify me!" Tom said crossly.
"It's sad what Darth did to Luke," Tom said offhandedly.
"It's Jazz and Modern Art," Tom said abstractly.
"You know you are in Paris when you see the Arc," Tom said triumphantly.
"What does Doctor Who have, that I don't?"  Tom asked half heartedly.
Literary Rock:  The Steve, Henry and Arthur Miller Band.
Literary Rock:  Doctor John Steinbeck.
Literary Rock:  Arthur C. Dave Clark Five.
Literary Rock:  Stephen King Crimson.
Literary Rock:  Umberto Eco and the Bunnymen.
Literary Rock:  Huey Sinclair Lewis and the News.
Literary Rock:  Jean-Paul, George and Ringo Sartre.
Literary Rock:  Anais Nin Inch Nails.
Literary Rock:  Boris Vian der Graaf Generator.
Literary Rock:  The L. Frank Baumtown Rats.
Ingmar Bergman for Sit 'n Sleep:  "The Virgin Spring Mattress."
Hipster Fast Food:  Taco Bell and Sebastian.