Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Poor Cow."

Bollywoodland:  Hummus Films presents "The Curries of Frankenstein."

David Byrne and Robert Smith do a musical based on Sigmund Freud:  The Talking Cure.
Acid Jeopardy:  Muslims make this meal in five minutes.  "What is Minaret Rice?"
Fashion For The Future:  Robotony 500.
Acid Jeopardy:  Catholic Inquisitors use this dressing for wounds.  "What is Miracle Whip?"
Sci-Fi Game Shows:  "What's My Heinlein?"
When I get cranky in a Japanese restaurant, I often throw a tempura tantrum.
Favourite Pasta on Middle Earth:  Fettuccini Al Frodo.
A festive holiday drink that will keep you loyal:  eggmonogamy.
Weather Report Romance:  Coastal Eddy meeting Offshore Flo.
Barbarella in Star Wars:  Matmos Eisley.
As an impressionist, Claude Monet could do a pitch perfect Charles Boyer.

If Gene Pitney had only sung with the Electric Prunes.
Burt Lancaster and Sidney Poitier:  "Apache Blue."

Ingmar Bergman in New Jersey:  "The Virgin Springsteen."
Hermann Hesse's Unpublished Existential Minstrel Show:  Stepinfetchitwolf.
Having collected so many Chinese artifacts, I have become jaded.