Monday, January 5, 2015

"Wolf City."

The Grand Inquisitor's Favourite Automobile:  Torque Mazda.
When you have Nuclear Stock Piles:  PREPERATION H-BOMB.
Gumby in the OSS:  Clokey and Dagger.
Louis Pesto Pasta Primavera and Keely Smith.
Sarah Palindrome:  Backwards.  And Forwards...An incomplete sentence.
Compton Hilton:  The Poor Relation.
Rage Against The Mache (Paper).
Relax.  The Revolution is...another Classic Rock Weekend on Clear Channel.
Relax.  The Revolution is...a new series on FX.
Relax.  The Revolution is..."Summer '68, the Greatest Hits Box Set" from Time-Life.
Relax.  The Revolution is...Live Nation with $100 seats and service charge.
Relax.  The Revolution is...only after dinner conversation over coffee and dessert.
It's Kabul with an Olive Garden.
Now Casting:  "Kissinger-The Musical."
French Kissing at Ma Maison is known as having a Wolfgang Pucker.
Quite often it's just a Nietzsche Jerk Reaction.
Nazi Love Songs:  "The Night Cole Porter."