Sunday, November 30, 2014

"I lost my faith. I prayed for it to return."

"Thinking the Unthinkable" is a term, that if thought about thoroughly, will slowly drive one mad.

I used to do U-Haul work for actress Elke Sommer.  This is how I became an Elke Haulic.

Films made in Santa Barbara are no longer filmed in Isla VistaVision.

Bossa Nuevo:  Astrid Gilbertolt Brecht.

Jefferson Airplane meets Doris Day & Rock Hudson.  "Surrealistic Pillow Talk."

Musique avec fromage:  The Velveeta Underground.

Jules Verne's New Wave Muzik:  20,000 Human Leagues Under the Sea.
New Wave Latino Muzik:  Yazoot Suit.
New Wave Lawn Muzik:  Depeche Mowed.
New Wave Cartoon Muzik:  Mel Blancmange.
New Wave Lumber Muzik:  The Psychedelic Firs.
Meat is Murder and So are Guns:  The Smiths and Wesson Oil.
Lawrence Welk in an ill-fated attempt to musicalize Goethe:  "The Sorrows of Young Wurlitzer."
Beethoven's Little Known Career as an Adult Film Composer:  "Moonlight So Naughty."
Claude Debussy, Junkie, was on Horse when he composed "La Mare."
Percy Shelley's Fall Fashion Preview:  "Prometheus Unzipped."
The author of Dracula was an early Nudist.  This gave rise to the term of "going Bram Starkers."