Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Tong Poo."

Beat Takeshi is agent Ichi Bond in "Doctor NOodle."
Bad Concepts:  Max Von Sydow and Joan Collins in MING DYNASTY.
Rejected film script:  Charles Hawtrey as Josef K in "Carry On, Kafka."
Stan Laurel and Francoise Hardy.
Trance sent it.
Aged and Toothless:  Every concert becomes a punk show with flying spittle.  Even shouting "BRAVO!" at Itzhak Perlman.
Blusharushatushaphobia:  Fear of Limbaugh's rosy red ass cheeks.
Multi-fauceted:  Not tapped out yet.
People obsessed with their cupboards could be considered shelf indulgent.
Dying for love, the Frenchman threw himself into the English River.  "Je Thames," he cried.
Twitter is a train car and each of us has a paint can.
We are all mice with wires implanted in our brains.
At the Salvador Deli it is known as Cinco de Mayo, but hold the Mayo.
Alfred Jarry and Harper Lee:  Ubu Radley.
Homeland's Got Talent or Dancing With The Wehrmacht?
"We have ways of making you dance."