Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Well here's another clue for you all."

DJ Putin's Favourite Rapper:  Cagey B.

DJ Mummy's Playlist:  Tuts and the Maytals.

DJ Mummy's Playlist:  Richard Kharis.

DJ Mummy's Playlist:  Santana leaves.

Aldous Huxley's rejected sitcom:  "Pavlov, American Style."

Favourite supermarket in Brave New World:  Alpha Beta.

Lawrence Welk in a Dystopian Avalon Ballroom:  "Brave New Wurlitzer."

Bill Cosby in rejected comedy pilot of Brave New World as Doctor Aldous Huxtable.

Dick Chaney's Jukebox:  Little Anthony and the Imperialists.

Will all the parents who named their children Dylan, mind it if their grandchildren are named Chrysler?

In the Agency, erectile dysfunction is known as having a G. Gordon Limpy.

A man being physically excited by a Portuguese woman gets what is known as a Lisboner.

"Oliver North by Northwest" was filmed in Iran Contra Costa County.

Actors for the Elderly:  Raymond Bursitis.

Actors for the Elderly:  Jean Arthritis.

TV for the Elderly:  Peter Gums.

Parlez-vous Irishspeak?  Say "Finney."