Monday, January 20, 2014

"...hidden around the house somewhere..."

Never trust anyone over 30, was the famous line.  So 40 has to be even more suspect.  Space Pirate Radio is 40 years old.  "Good Heavens, Walter!  Call someone official.  IT'S moved into our neighbourhood!"

Inside the heart of Space Pirate Radio screams the voice of a hyper active 8 year old.  Also a precocious 17 year old.  A slightly misguided, hormone fueled 26 year old.  An ambitious, partially driven 35 year old.  A sly Humbert Humbert winking/wanking 44 year old.  A creaking, panting, still thinks it's got the moves 53 year old.  A fearful, death obsessed, but loaded with ironic humour 62 year old.  A Yoda like font of wisdom, equipped with day-glo toupee and extra naughty thoughts 71 year old.  A newly reborn pagan godhead seed from the planet Zontar 80 year old.  A...oh, sorry, I dozed off there.  Probably you did too.

The connecting rectal plug of rare beads from India here, amongst the diverse aged, is One Magick Factor (Max Factor's black sheep brother, founder of The Order of the Golden Dawn, Go Away, You're No Good For Me)...The factor?

It is...The Musik :)

It makes the whole marvelous thing timeless.

Since 1973, the musical purpose of Space Pirate Radio was, and always has been, to be that of a transmitter--a transmitter of new and unusual sounds, from around the world, incorporating all elements of musical style and instrumentation.  Before it became a bland term for 'relaxing background music' or 'modern muzak,' I used the term audio alchemy.  Mixing Debussy with Pink Floyd, jazz & classical with Martin Denny or Les Baxter.  Why couldn't The Phantom of the Opera's organ be played by Lenny Dee?  The violin in Saint Saens' Danse Macabre be replaced by a theremin or glissando guitar?  Carmina Burana performed on banjo?  The middle bit of "Whole Lotta Love" solo with household blender?  Dig?
The possibilities are endless.  Break down the fourth wall.
That is the musical purpose.  The other purposes are my own.  If you're on my wavelength, you understand the total picture.  If it's just the base metals, the glue that holds it all together, that is, The Muzik...that is good.  It is the beginning and to a degree, the end.  It is at least, the welcome mat, the entrance to the Melting Watchtowre.  That which was and still is Space Pirate Radio.
The Muzik: It is always new.  It is always odd.  And it is always smart.  Unless, of course, it is incredibly silly, in contrast or juxtaposition to what has been played before, and what will come after.  There is method to the madness.  I am not a musician, not in any classical or disciplined sense.  I do consider myself an illustrator with sound.  I can hear the final note of a Gentle Giant song and know it can connect seamlessly with another song from 30 years later, or 20 years before.  It is my curse.  To some, anyway.  For me and my friends, it is a blessing.  This glorious music.  These incredible sounds.
Now I apologize for the hyperbole and dense fecal tone of this entry.  Manic.  "Manics" was a great TV show.  Mike Connors.  "I feel GREAT today!  Well, maybe not THAT great.  In fact, I'm feeling kinda down.  A little frightened actually.  Well, TERRIFIED, if you must know!"
It's been a bit of challenge, lately.  ("A master of understatement, Marcel.  But at least you got out of bed.")  Therapy.
But what about this Muzik?  Music.  "The New Sound."
Progressive Music.  It must have progress...And therein lies the secret........

2B Count Tin Hued.