Saturday, December 21, 2013

"I am a soldier of our planet!"

Childhood's End.

So, what movie is this?  Just back from three weeks in Santa Barbara, following the passing of my Mother.  A moment, feared and dreaded all one's life, played out in shock theatre, thrown into the deep end.  No more kid stuff.

She was in a coma for the first week, following a brain thingee that caused a fall, or combination of same.  Not the best scenario for a quadruple Leo, strong-willed at 93.  A fighter, she would have made 100 if circumstances had been different.  A remarkable woman.

The following weeks taking care of arrangements.  And the going through personal stuff.  A feeling of invasion of privacy.  With it comes a barrage of Flashback imagery.  Is this really where your life has come from?  A season or eight of Twilight Zone, in Cliff Notes. 

All the photos are like layers of the onion.  Phantoms of the Soap Opera.  Happy/Sad.

Who the Hell was this little war monger?  A kid who read those D.C. War comics in the Fifties?  Our Army at War.  Star Spangled War Stories.  G.I Combat.  Later, maybe Blackhawk.

I would go AWOL with Mad Magazine.

Mom hated Mad Magazine.  Also Famous Monsters of Filmland.  And ultimately Playboy.

Rebellion amongst the drafted.  She still had excellent taste.  As did my older sister.  Another quadruple Leo.  Those older ladies of taste, style and distinction.  Dad and I were the dreamers.

Thank you, Mom.  Thank you all.

Childhood's Beginning.