Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"You're the maximum utmost!"

Doesn't Alain Delon have a son named Moe?
Nipplelodian (the TV network for undernourished, non-breast fed children) has a tween version of "Easy Rider" in development.  It's called "iHarley."
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Henry Ford the Eighth in "The Two Doors."
Erica Jong's new erotic novel about the dangers of nudists cooking in the kitchen:  "Fear of Frying."
The Queen of Transgender Indie Jazz Film: Charlie Parker Posey.
The football team at Marquis De Sade High School has a Sacher-Mascot.
My wife has a patch of dry skin on her foot and it knows opera.  I think it's a Callas.
Slight of handmaidens.
...the cryptic note was signed, simply, "R. Cana."
Carloads Casa de Nada had perpetual visions after eating zenchiladas.
"There is no perfect country, as long as people reside within it."  Phil O' Sophocles.
Picture This: "Casablanca" but with Fred Schneider replacing Humphrey Bogart.
"Pagan Place" the TV series.  With Me, a Pharaoh?, Rayon O' Nile and Barbara Parthenons.
Everyday my loving wife reminds me that vaudeville died.
Bill O' Reilly has admitted to wishing he was the lead singer of The Doors.  But did you know that John Negroponte wanted to front A Flock of Seagulls?  And John Poindexter thought he was Falco.
Helmut Newton didn't give a fig.
Updated Product Placement: The Third Man.  The Many Lives of Perrier Lime.