Monday, September 30, 2013

"I am a camera."

Did This Mortal Coil ever Shuffle Off to Buffalo?
Did anyone else go to Burning Midget this year?
I had Soup of Jar Jar Binks tonight ("Miso").
Have you tried the Gregory Hines Mineral Water?   I believe it's tap.
Black Ops 31 Flavours: The Mango Cherry and Candied Date.
Richard Lester's remake of Doctor Zhivago: "The Pasternak...and How to Get It."
Nicolas Roeg's remake of The Caine Mutiny: "Woukabout."
Wearing elevator shoes has its ups and downs.

Another sign of Deviant Maturity: Being curiously attracted to Agnes Moorehead.

Foreign military generals often tell time with a coup coup clock.

Stomped grapes can vintage into a La Feet Chat Toe.

I know I am still a vampire because I am attracted to the long necks of women.

Pink Floyd's soundtrack to La Rue de Valley, aka The Dark Side of the Croon.

Obscured by Clods.

The Muse of Really Bad Dancing: Twerpsichore.  Currently mutated to Twerksichore.

My Mood Yesterday: Edgar Allan Poe on Acid.

Insult to Clubbers: "Your Dance Music wears Spats."