Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Here under protest is beef burgers."

Remember the time actor Hugh Marlowe jumped on Claude Raines, and Raines' wife shouted, "Hey, Hugh! Get off of my Claude."
Career at Rudebox ending.  Starting new Adult Entertainment Service.  Will call it Pay Perve View.
Actual Dialog: "I'm not going to speak anymore."  "Don't say that."
I remember being in the Doctor's office waiting room in 1934, looking for a magazine, shouting, "Give me Liberty or give me Collier's!"
Saying something unkind about a person's dental retainer is an obvious, bracist remark.
"In my country, spies are executed."  S. P. O' Nash.
Future Fowl: J. G. Mallard or Philip K. Duck?
Jean-Claude Van Damme-Denberg Air Force Base.
The first Gothic Literature Strip Club featuring Horace Walpole Dancers.
Hillbilly Rock: The Smashing Bumpkins.
Gothic Jazz: Thelonious The Monk.
Towards the end of his writing, H. Rider was pretty Haggard.  And Sax could never settle down.  Always the Rohmer.
Intoxicated, Woody Guthrie originally wrote, "This land is Ray Milland's.  This land is Mantan Moreland's.  From Dolores Del Rio, to the..." and then passed out on the living room sofa.
Men with accordions on horseback.  Rustling steers with a bubble machine.  Yes folks, it's the annual Lawrence Welk's Rodeo. 
Bow Wow Wow's only hit single in India was "I Want Gandhi." 
The most popular department store among clairvoyants is Seers.
Having the last laugh is good.  But having the first laugh is better.  It shows you got the joke before everyone else. :)