Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Dance of the Lemmings."

He was never in al Qaeda, but was once a touring member of al Jolson.  How camp!

Information:  An abundance of it.  Misinformation:  Twice as much.  Dis-information:  Both amounts added together.  Wisdom:  Next to nothing.

007 Updated:  Sheena Easton singing over titles... "Ver I Zon Only..."

Dumas Updated:  "One for One and All for One...ME!"

"E pluribus Unum" to be replaced by "Dumb it down."

"What do you want?"  "Information...Information."  The PRISMner.

Today everyone should talk and sound like John Huston. (Start by saying, "ARSON WELLES.")

"In my country, foreign spies are executed; domestic spies are rewarded."  Hugh Topia.

Tim Burton's new animated film in which a boy brings back to life actor John Thaw as DI Jack Regan and his Flying Squad: "FrankenSweeney."  (Oh, wait...he already did it with actor Richard Todd.)

Never in my entire literary or spoken life have I ever used the word zeitgeist, until, alas...

When you first meet some of them, they appear to have brown eyes.  Later, you discover, in fact...the colour is actually quite green.

Curious side effects for mature men from eating Hot Chinese Mustard.
And in a similar vein:  Eating a broccoli cheddar sauce drenched side dish can renew the Profumo Scandal.
During the day, I'm convinced I'm living in one of my cat's dreams.
Laughing in the Face of Certain Doom.  Checking out the Legs of Destiny. (What the Hell, does that mean?)
Hindsight is 20-20.  Except to a Cyclops, whose view and opinion is always one sighted.
The good thing about living in a country without socialized medicine:  You're too poor to find out how sick you are.