Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"You won't get it!"

Okay, kats and kittens, here are more authentic Indian curios from the country music home of Conway twitter:
"Shall we discuss semantics?"  "No, no.  I'd rather just talk about it."  (I hope you don't consider this joke anti-semantic.)
Kurt to Bertolt: "Living Weill is the best revenge."
Arlen Specter died before the Presidential Election in 2012.  Pity.  He could have come up with the Single Ballot Theory.
One of the Heartbreakers recently arrested.  It was a Petty crime.
"1, 2, 3," sighs!  "4, 5, 6," sighs!  "7, 8, 9," sighs!  "10, 11, 12," she added.  Remember folks!  It's not only sighs that counts!
The Face of the Party Looks Up To You from the Bottom of the Bowl: "Turdblossom 2016." 
I once knew a livestock farmer named Familiarity.  I've forgotten what he used to breed.
Eighties Music for the Elderly: The Cure-mudgeon.
Herr Drosselmeyer is the Humbert Humbert of ballet.
When bankers have a health emergency, they shout, "Get me a Medici!" 
While watching the series about the Borgia family, I kept wondering, "Where is the piano playing son, Victor?"
If you think you are as great as Genghis Khan was, then you are probably suffering from mongolmania.
I have a fear of the unincorporated area in Los Angeles County known as Agoura.  I wonder if this phobia has a name.
I am a shell of my former shell.
I am running out of sand.
I would take the gas pipe if I didn't live in an All Electric Home.
Otherwise, I'm fine... :)