Sunday, March 17, 2013

"You Gotta Go Oww!"

I gave up being a Narcissist, when I got out of the pool.
Going outside in the cold night, I confuse new companions by saying "RAYMOND!"
"Raymond?" they ask, giving puzzled look.  "B-R-R-R-R-R!"
After seeing "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, why not "Martin Luther King Vampire Hunter?"  "I have a dream...AND a SHARP STICK!"

Music for the Elderly:  Vic Damone & Groan.

Charles Dickens gets a tan:  David Coppertone.


"LICHTEN AUF!"  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe shouted at a group of hecklers during his short lived career in stand up komedy.  He wrote "The Sorrows Of Young Werther" between sets at the Berchtesgaden Bier Keller und Belly Laff Klub.  It was here his sketch "Who's On Faust?" bombed.

Biblical references on In-N-Out Burger packaging.  Whatever happened to separation of church and steak? 
I have a deceased Israeli Prime Minister and Stateswoman in my left aural cavity.  It's a Cold in My Ear.
Would original Seventies band, The Babys, also be considered a Gerber Shop Quartet?
Rommel got his news from Desert Fox.
Army Surplus Store End of the Year Sale:  "Now is the Winter of Our Discount Tents!"
Every Monday evening the wife and I listen to Maya Pootie.  Similar in style to Yma Sumac from Uranus.
EMO Music for the Elderly: the Cocteau Twinge.
EMO Music for the Elderly: PULP-itations.
"It's like the Civil War, but with cell phones."  Phil O' Sophocles.
"It's still the Dark Ages.  Only the lighting has changed."  Phil O' Sophocles.