Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"You make me nervous."

Did everyone think Noel was a Coward?
English Regurgitation meets Class Distinction with Nasal Sensitivity: "Upchuck. Downwind."
Barbie, She-Wolf of the S.S. with her Aryan boyfriend, Klaus.
Anyone remember Tad Hungover, teen heartthrob of the late Fifties?  Starred with Sandra Drain in the hormone-drenched soap opera about early hair loss, "A Summer Piece."  Emulated him on occasion.  How many times have I been a Tad Hungover?
My mistake.  It was Troy Helenov in that film.
David Lynch does "A Midsummer's Night Dream." "Twin Pucks."
David Lynch career slip due to typographical error: "Mulholland Drivel."
David Lynch meets Alan Stivell: "Wild at Harp." (Stivell in Drivel?)
David Lynch directs Arnold Schwarzenegger in Monkees movie: "Eraserhead Eraser Head."
David Lynch remakes "The Bad News Bears."   "Inland Umpire."
Jean-luc Godard does "The Little Rascals."   "Alfalfa Ville." (*giggles*)
Nicolas Roeg does "Ghostbusters."   "Bad Slimming: A Sensual Gobsession."
The Who record the little known songs of Sacher Masoch: "Odds & Sade's."
Pink Floyd's football song:  "A Soccerful of Secrets."
Pink Floyd recorded another song besides "One of These Days" inspired by Doctor Who.   It was about a companion who wished to travel back in time and become a back-up pop singer.  "The Billie Piper at the Gates of Tony Orlando & Dawn."
Syd Barrett's ode to marathon runners: "The Madcap Laps."
Robin Williamson for Del Monte: The Incredible String Beans.
(Now maybe this would be a good time to head on out to the Snack Bar and pick up one of those Pepito's Cheese Gophers.  You know, Pepito, in the early morning, drives out in his truck, and while those gophers are out crossing the road, doing their morning constitution...SIDESWIPES those little guys.   And while those little fellas are laying by the side of the road, dazed and confused...)  ***UPDATE*** Thanks to the SUPERB work of PETA, I am SO HAPPY and ELATED to inform long time listeners that Pepito and his insensitive operation have been PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!  No more will you hear of...