Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Is my face on straight?"

Did an English teacher ever teach Kelsey grammar?

My wife likes Rush, big time. She dislikes Big Time Rush.

Jeremy Irons while Ben Folds.

If Lauren Bacall married Sophia Loren, would she be Lauren Loren?   And could we get Lauren Hutton for a menage a trout?   Too fishy?

If you dig classical ballet, check out Mexico City's answer to Rudolph Nureyev: Tutu Juan.  He's performing in Surf City.  Why?  "Because I'm going to Surf City where it's Tutu Juan..."

D.H. Lawrence and T. E. Lawrence get together for Lady Chatterley of Arabia.

Will The Hunger Gams have legs?

Jacques Tati meets Chris Karrer: A Mon Oncle Duul.

Jacques Tati meets Robert Vaughn: The Mon from Oncle.

Jacques Tati meets Logan's Run: M. Hulot's Hologram.

M. Hulot's Holiday directed by Russ Meyer: Jacques Titti.

Jacques Tati in the Tardis: Doctor Hulot.

Roy Orbison in Blow-Up: Michaelangelo Antoni Only the Lonely.

Did Mel ever draw a Blanc?

I'm into a retro steam punk vibe.  I pierced my nose with a conductor's punch.

Qupe is the Chumash word for poppy.  Tupe is the Chumash word for hair replacement.

Method acting vs. intuitive acting.  It can be argued that Uggie the Dog in The Artist is a better actor than Al Pacino.  Certainly less high-strung, and house broken as well.