Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Oh, I wonder, wonder..."

I was reading a review on the new collection of George Orwell diaries.  In it was the author's observation that he had an endless number of "serious" stories and ideas he wished to write about.  But instead, he enjoyed the small daily thoughts that became his journals.  This hit a note in my own little noodles.  I have BIG IDEAS and medium ideas that I'd love to share with you...but in the wee hours, I find the little giggles to be my favourite pain relievers.  Certainly I felt this way on the air.  And I had a lot more stamina then.  So...

I once dated a magazine collector who was psychotic.  She had issues.

"Don't crucify me," Tom said, crossly.

Aldous Huxley owned two dogs.  They were the labradors of perception.

I once dated a terrible photographer.  Nothing developed.

Cats are being body searched at airports.  All they find is Friskies.

Jean-Luc Godard won't discuss his New Wave films.  He's a little vague on the subject.

Italian women take care of their skin with Neutrogena Lollobrigida.

James Mason, Perry Mason and Mason Williams were all rumoured to be members of some sort of secret group.  I wonder what they called themselves.

Frank Herbert drove a dune buggy.  Edgar Allan Poe would have driven a gold VW.

I wonder if Yoda had cable on Dagobah.

Does James Bond read Q?  Or watch and order from QVC?

Percy Bysshe Shelley originally wrote Prometheus Unzipped. Changed it later.

Jacqueline Susann wanted to write about her affairs with Rudy Vallee and Roald Dahl. I wonder what became of the manuscript.

Can Teletubbies take baths or will they be electrocuted?

Every time I hear the theme to A Summer Place, it's almost a religious experience.  I wonder if the composer was a man of Faith?

Author Anne Rice discovered while living in the Bay Area that she is related to Mickey Rooney.  Well, Rice, a Rooney has always been the San Francisco treat.

Does this song ring a bell?  "Out of the night, when the full moon is bright.  Comes the Thing that's known as Zitzo.  He's BOLD and he's BRAVE.  And he's been to a RAVE.  The Z, the Mark of Zitzo."  Oh, those childhood memories.