Monday, May 28, 2012

"The total potential here, must be nothing less than astronomical!"

Before we get too far away from the moment, I hope readers noticed the masterful illustration for the April Fool's textless entry, "Be seeing you."  This was another incredible example of the artistic talents of long time friend and co-conspirator David Fontana.  The illustration was an unsolicited gift and boggled der mind with its many shades and layers.  Viewers have been unanimous in their praise.  David always gets it.  Luna di fontuna amazed me with his art, day one, in the early Seventies.  And nearly 40 years later, I still feel we are early art school buddies.  Give the man an Emmy.  Oh, wait...he already HAS ONE!  :)

So back to artists.  Art is a hammer, some pinko floyd type once said.  And Hammer made some artistic films. ("Huh?").  An excuse to wish Happy Birthdays this past week to Peter Cushing (would have been 99), Christopher Lee, as I write this, as well as non-Hummers Vincent Price, Frank Oz (there are 3 key Star Wars B-days, three in a row), Robert Morley (104) and Isadora Duncan (135).  "Let's Dance..."

But allons-y to le musee.

Since it is a week of memories, I thought I would flashback to the great and heady art days of the Space Pirate Radio poster contests. This is only part of the winning entry of artist-book maker Sandra Liddel.  The poster interpretation of Mike Merenbach's art is one of four table mats, enclosed in a boxed book case, that when opened, revealed a place setting with a saucerful of secrets.  Italian tablecloth a la Chef Bruno, fork and knife...AND custom made version of The Official Space Pirate Radio Decoder Ring (Moron this later).  TRULY a MASTERPIECE!  And to this day, one of my most cherished obscure objects of art in the SPR archive.  Mondo Salads!  My salutes to the artistes involved.

No sacrifice too great for art.