Friday, January 27, 2012

"Navigator to heaven."

"Could we get much higher?"

Eight floors and rising.  100th entry.  Space Pirate Radio anniversary time and I'm beginning to feel the alternating energy.  The Chinoise Vaudevillians, Yin and Yang.  Three shows daily.  3, 5 and 8pm.  "And give up Showbiz?"

But I digress...

Zounds!  By Zeus's mighty Gonads (Doctor Zeus, author of Groin Legs and Gams)!  Can we be nearing up to what would be Space Pirate Radio's 38th anniversary?  All in a blink of a thigh.

Well, here in the Home for Aged Surrealists, I have to say, with no false modesty (BLAZE!), after all this time, I'm pretty darned proud of the show.  Oh, sure, it was a misspent life, nothing lost there...but hey!  It lasted longer than most parties.  And I'm not embarrassed to admitting being the last one to leave.

Also, if we believe at least 53% of what's been written elsewhere, I wasn't the only person having a good time.  It seems everyone liked the music.  Most guests enjoyed the party jokes.  All attendees seemed very cordial and engaging with the host, at least while they were inside the building.  Outside may be a different story.  But then, it can be very different when you are outside.

But back inside, to the party.  The music was good, wasn't it?

One of the reasons I know this party was a success is the continuing number of attendees who ask me what was the song playing at a certain time of the festivities.  Since this Space Party Radio was an all-nighter, starting from early 1974 till mid 2002, people came and went at all hours.  I'm surprised the coat and hat check girls could keep up.

Early arrivals to the gathering heard strange new stuff, but later folks were exposed to the next progressions.  This DOES NOT mean that the first audios of '74-'79 were forsaken for the newer stuff.  On the contrary.  It was important to keep the mix alive and show how the early experimentations had influenced the next wave of musos.  Some party-poopers of '79 left the gig too early to observe this growth.  No loss.  They would try and tell you they catered the party in the first place.  How quickly one can forget who sent out the first invitations.

Anyway, it was my party and I thank all those who came.  Sometimes the music was too loud (Amon Duul 2 - Mozambique), too soft (Steve Roach - Quiet Music), too retro (Les Baxter - Carribean Moonlight), too odd (Faust - So Far), too comical (Bonzo Dog Band - Hello Mabel), too Japanese (Sadistic Mika Band - Mummy Doesn't Go to Parties Since Daddy Died), too Italian (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Io Sono Nato Libero), too classical (Third Ear Band - Alchemy), too French (Ange - Au-Dela du Delire), too folky (Fairport Convention - Matty Groves), too French folky (Malicorne - Le Bestiaire), too odd (Pink Floyd - Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast), too uptempo (Re-flex - The Politics of Dancing), too downtempo (Heldon - III).  Too too tootsie, goodbye!

"Could we get much lighter?"