Friday, April 1, 2011

"I am a very foolish fond old man."

In less cataclysmic times than today...or so it seemed, to those of us cloaked in audacious youthful energy...there was extra amount of elbow room to be outrageous.  Our daily life could be performance art.  And certain holidays gave us that chance to be outre.  All Hallows was the obvious selection.  But for some of us Tarot Card obsessed funsters, April First was the Day of Choice.

Tiny entry here.  I think I have spoken before on how, on April 1, we loved to giggle up.  On KTYD we turned the station into a screaming Top 40 station--the antithesis of the freeform FM we had become.  I was the Real Don Robot, my parody of old LA based KHJ radio, "Boss Radio."

In print, the Santa Barbara News & Review became a parody of the local daily rag, "Not the News-Press."  I remember telling the Editor of Night Light that I wanted to print my article on my visit to the The Man From U.N.C.L.E. set, and we should do an April Fools parody of the paper.  He nixed both ideas.  So I went to the alternate paper.  They did the parody AND placed my U.N.C.L.E. story as the cover article...sorry, but as Cal Worthington used to say, "just let me have first chance at the deal." 

The best April Fools party was at Zelos.  The Space Pirate Radio 12th Anniversary poster party was a huge success for the club.  So, I proposed an April Fools Party which was, fortunately, even more successful.  Those were lucky moments.  The Space Pirate Radio Poster Event was a huge success, but you could get in. For some unexplained reason, the April Fools celebration was packed beyond legal capacity.  A big success for the club and a pride-filled moment for yours truly...that being Foolish in a business world could maybe work.

Printed herewith is the fake Zelo menu I wrote for the occasion.  The Blessing or Curse with all my comic writing is that it has to make me giggle first.  If I am certifiable or living in an alternate universe (both real and possible explanations), this could be a problem.  But I think I am a tough critic (Virgo, the Critic, remember) and I always try with the multi-dimensional joke: one level for this experienced individual; another for the multi-lingual, well travelled, historically drenched and philosophically gob smacked alien in polite society.  Another blog sometimes...

(Wasn't The Blog the 1958 sci-fi debut of Steve McQueen?)  Despite the feelings of some, if I have to chose ONLY ONE job description on my South American passport over all others (writer, actor, disc jockey, artist, director, pornographer, fungus), I would choose satirist.

A Foolish First of April to you all.