Monday, January 17, 2011

"Why do you ask, Little Hole in Rubber?"

We now enter the Swinging '60s (entries, that is).  Guaranteed to offend.  The early 1960s were, for some strange reason, the era of the sick joke.  So in that spirit, we step inside the re-Tardis.

With the success of the film The King's Speech, we are happy to see a renaissance of the British film company, Stammer Films.  Who can forget The Cur-Cur-Cur-Cur-Curse Of Fran-Fran-Fran-Fran-Frankenstein or The Hor-Hor-Hor-Hor-Horror Of Dra-Dra-Dra-Dra-Dracula?  How about the Mum-Mum-Mum-Mum-Mum-Mum-Mum-Mum-ME?  I'm excited. 

I was wondering.  If Carmina Burana composer, Carl Orff, and Rolling Stone photographer, Annie Leibovitz had grown up at the same time and had been childhood friends, would they have been known as Little Orff & Annie. 

Question:  Which of the following does not belong:
  1. Lobster
  2. Crab
  3. Octopus
  4. A Korean underneath the wheel of a Toyota truck
Answer:  3.  Octopus.  All of the others are crustaceans.

Guaranteed to offend.

Favourite poem from my childhood:
Ruth rode on my motorbike
Directly back of me.
I hit a bump at sixty-five
And rode on, Ruthlessly.
The photo?  An early picture of me using a cell phone in my car.  It was a trunk call.