Monday, March 29, 2010

"I don't like reggae...I love it."

Playing The Fool #03

Wow! To think that it was 30 years ago when Space Pirate Radio presented reggae superstar Barb Wirey & The Maulers on April 1st at the Santa Barbara County Beach Men's Room. That was so exciting. For those who could actually see through the thick ganja clouds, it was truly an experience. As has been noted before, it was standing room only. Many in the audience were true believers, their hair knotted in breadlocks (pieces of Roman Meal braided into strands of hair). Reggae music was in full bloom on that spring day. Although Barb Wirey was the headliner, one must remember the incredible performance of support act Poops & The Midols.

Poops & his Midols opened the show. The songs in this set were comprised mostly from Poops' then current album "Culture Dreaded Gnats." The surprise of the set came when unbilled reggae artist Oy U-hoo joined Poops for an impromtu version of "Babylon's Forgotten Ashtrays." This was also followed by a short set from Truck Drivers Of Rhodesia. This powerful ensemble was inhibited by the horn section constantly being restricted by the nearby plumbing. Try to see them in a real club, preferably one with no cover charge (your clothes get in free).

The crowd was in a lather (thanks to a handy soap dispenser) when Barb & The Maulers took the stage. What charisma he had. Smoking a two and a half foot reef weed filled reefer! Fifteen minutes later he started to play. And play he did. Barb performed his entire recent album "Gastaman Vibrator," climaxing with the #1 hit single, "Hatahonkey." The crowd wanted an encore but Barb doesn't give them. He lit another reefer, flipped a thankful ash to the audience, used the facilities and split. It was the end of an experience.