Monday, February 8, 2010

"Get thee to a nunnery."

What is it with me and nuns? It popped up a lot in my early work. My mother says that when I was born, the first thing I saw in hospital was the nuns in attendance. I'm not sure. I do remember nuns in an emergency room. Perhaps in Oklahoma after getting food poisoning in Texas. Or maybe it was in Michigan after being sunburned to a crisp in Florida (I do know that event probably turned me into being nocturnal...only moontans for me from that moment on). I think perhaps it was an early viewing of Audrey Hepburn in "The Nun's Story." Later it was Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in "Bedazzled." And after that, Peter Sellers in "The Magic Christian." Oh well, it doesn't matter. Except that I decided to go drag in Catholic for the logo of my production company called Graven Images.

Being the Hermes obsessed, Mercury ruled Virgo that I am, I wanted to use the image of the 9th card of the Tarot deck, the Hermit. I identified with the Hermit card, Diogenes searching with his lantern, etc. But I didn't totally embrace the commonly identified view of the Hermit. Especially in terms of women. Being the ambivert, I chose the cloistered garb of some secret order. So back to the nuns again. Probably closer to those in Ken Russell's "The Devils." Definitely not Rosalind Russell in "The Trouble With Angels." And for sure, not Debbie Reynolds in "The Singing Nun." And no way Sally Field in "The Flying Nun." Blue Nun...yes. Lots of German white wine in the early days. Definitely fueled the photo observed. And even today, so many years after that first photo session, I'll discover a lost gem of Eurotrash in that genre, known for good or bad, as nunsploitation. Even my long suffering wife, was understanding enough to grace me with a copy of Joe D'Amato's "Images In A Convent." Bless her.

"And over here are the nun's quarters. As you can see, they have about $2.25 among them."