Monday, January 18, 2010

"That's wrong isn't it? Surely that's wrong."

Rejection Series #01

After writing the previous article and publishing it in Santa Barbara's Night Light newspaper in 1980, I thought I might have a chance writing little comedy articles for various magazines. I submitted that article to a number of publications I was familiar with. I was pleased to receive personal letters from the articles editors of Playboy and Oui magazine, as well as the Los Angeles Times, telling me how funny they thought the article was. They told me that they couldn't publish the article I had written, as they didn't reprint or do what is called "pick-up articles," but could I please submit other original material.

It was suggested that the original article could appear in some smaller publications. So I sent it off to a little magazine that was published as an insert in various college newspapers. The letter pictured was their response. I don't know who Mr. Guyden is, but I was amazed to discover how mislead I had been by those editors from those other obscure publications. It took this obviously enlightened literary master to awaken me to the truth that I wasn't funny at all, and that I had unwisely forsaken my alternate career in aluminium siding.